A Trisomy teszt egy anyai vérből végzett nem invazív szűrővizsgálat , amely magas szenzitivitással és specificitással kizárja a magzati a kromoszóma -rendellenességeket (21-es, 18-as és 13-as) és a terhesség korai időszakában meghatározza  a magzat nemét.

Mit vizsgált a TRISOMY teszt?

21-es triszómiát


18-as triszómiát


13-as triszómia


kérés esetén

a magzat nemét is

Due to the sampling method used, it is commonly referred to as „NIPT“ – Non Invasive Prenatal Testing. The screening usesa sample of maternal blood taken as early as in the 12th week of pregnancy. The procedure is non-invasive and poses no risk to the fetus.

The TRISOMY test is performed in the Central Lab of Medirex, a. s., which is located in Bratislava. This makes it possible to deliver all results within 5 working days.

The TRISOMY test costs 109.000 Ft and it is not covered by public health insurance. The requesting facility will process payments for the test made directly at the doctor’s office upon agreement. To make a direct payment to Medirex a.s., patients can also choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer, using our payment gate available at www.medirexplatby.sk.